Hello and welcome to my website. R Replicas is dedicated to providing the finest Non-Firing Replica Military Firearms. THESE REPLICAS  DO NOT FIRE ANY TYPE OF PROJECTILE!!!!

Whether you call them Replica Guns, Dummy Guns, Blue Guns, Training rifles or anything else, R Replicas will provide you with a quality product at a fair price.
From the early 1903 Springfield M1 Garand, M1 Carbine and BAR to the Vietnam Era M14, M16A1, M2 50 Caliber, M60 and Thompson Machine Gun through the modern era M16A2, M4, AND XM25 as well as the RPG, AK47. MP44 and several Japanese Military rifles, R Replicas usually has the model you are looking for. 

R Replicas has provided 1,000's of these fine non-firing replicas to the US Military for training and museums as well as to Reenactors, Stage and Movie Productions, Color Guards, Fallen Soldier Memorials, and Home Display. 

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